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About Us

MCA serves as a stepping stone and a springboard in your flight to success. We assist you to take a step towards excellence and offer the guidance that is needed to excel in your career.

We have seen that there are many students that enroll into the best colleges and universities in the country and sometimes abroad but their journey to perfection is short lived as they do not get a helping hand that can direct them to the right direction and also help them to choose the right path.

Remember, when it comes to education and knowledge, there is nothing called a Middle Path. You either excel or you lose the race! Some great men have said that “Knowledge is Power” and we try to empower our students to excel in life by following this principle. And we can proudly claim that our structured study material, guidance, plenty of hands-on industrial projects and assignments have kept our students ahead of the others.

We realize well the changing trends and keep pace with the syllabi, methods of teaching, and above all our approach. Starting from online exams to campus interview and placement assistance, we are there to show you the path to excellence.

What you can expect from us? We do not believe in hypothetical knowledge. As such we have arrangements for practical classes too. This is very much essential as we have often seen that due to time constraint or it may so happen that you are not well on a particular day and was not able to follow the lecture session in the practical class, so you don’t know how to go about a particular experiment/project. You don’t have to worry. We are here to help you. We conduct theoretical and practical lessons for all our students. You can catch a glimpse of the topics we will help you with.

Practical lessons on-

  • Digital Electronics
  • Analog Electronics
  • C++
  • Data Structure using C, C++
  • Java
  • MS Word
  • MS Excel
  • Powerpoint
  • Unix
  • Oracle
  • P-Sql

Theoretical topics we guide you in include-

  • Computer Fundamental
  • Computer Architecture
  • Digital Electronics
  • District Mathematics
  • Graph Theory
  • Compile a Design
  • Operating System
  • Computer Graphics
  • Artificial Inference
  • Database Management System
  • Operation Research
  • Networking
  • Internet Technologies
  • Microprocessors

We also help you with other topics like Java, VB6.0, VB.Net, SP.Net, J2EE, SAB, Android, PhP, My SQL, Java Script, Ajax, Joomla, Drupal, Web Commerce, Presto Shock, Expression Engine, and Word Press.By visiting mca regularly, you will also know the latest developments that take place at the mca campus, the examination dates, admission procedures, eligibility criteria for a test, and definitely the syllabi of different courses.

We also help you with placement facilities. After all, your effort, time, and money you invest in your education ought to be recognized and you should get what you deserve. So, we try to make you a deserving candidate for job interviews. Visit our website for updates. Our online representatives are there to be answer to your queries. Chat with our representatives. You can also express your views and opinions in our forum section and find out what others have to say about us and various other topics of common interest.

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